HERITAGE Reactive Concrete Stains can forge varying marbled patterns of color on ready concrete. Created from chemical reactions with the minerals in the concrete, each concrete surface will behave with a unique design. After sealed with the appropriate clear sealer, your surface will ring true with an unmatchd superb beauty.

*Our color chart is based on the stain being diluted 1:1 with water, however the acid stain will appear lighter or darker by increasing or decreasing the amount of water. Always test for color acceptance first.


HERITAGE Reactive Concrete Stains are a group of concentrated organic colored acid concrete stains. The final brilliant results are unmatched by any other process and leave an antique patina type finish. They react chemically with the mineral content of the concrete surface for a deep penetrating permanent stain. These stains are UV stable when sealed.* Use interior or exterior. 

Can be applied to any clean concrete surface either inside or outside, such as pool decks, patios, driveways, basements, etc.




♦ Provides a wide range of natural colors

♦ Concentrated form allows color control

♦ UV Stability when sealed interior or exterior*

How to Use

Refer to MSDS and technical data sheet prior to use. Always test the stain in an inconspicuous place on the actual concrete surface of final application. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours. Rinse the test area and observe the color while wet. This will approximate the sealed color.

Flush off the area with water. If there are any oily stains, remove with a degreaser, then prepare the surface with a wash of Surf-Prep diluted 1:2 with water. Rinse thoroughly and let concrete dry.


1. Protect all areas not to be stained. Mask off all adjacent surfaces with painter’s tape or plastic duct tape. Use a plastic or coated cardboard as a spray shield. Plastic or polyethylene sprayers and buckets are recommended for application.

2. If using multiple colors, always start with the lightest color first as a base coat.

3. Mop, sponge, or spray the stain over the area being colored. Apply at a rate of up to 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon of stain (200 sq. ft. per gallon is average). Always use an acid resistant plastic sprayer.

4. Allow the stain to dry thoroughly, 4-6 hours, and rinse thoroughly by mop with a water and ammonia solution such as Balance to neutralize the surface and remove residue. Remove standing water with a wet vacuum.

5. Allow the area to dry 18-24 hours and seal with 1-2 of a low viscosity sealer such as Stamp Seal or a higher gloss sealer such as Stamp Seal “Gloss”. Please note that on interior floors, Cherry Surf-Wax may be used over the sealer for added protection. Water based sealers may be used as well.

Please note: Waterborne sealers may be used as well, however, they usually do not enhance the color of the acid stained floor quite as well as Solvent based sealers.

*Blue and green colors are recommended for interior use only as fading/discoloration may occur.

HERITAGE Reactive concrete stain is an All Natural, Organic colored acid concrete stain. No other products process can produce the superb marble and antique patina style finishes of HERITAGE. This process reacts chemically with the mineral content of the concrete surface for a uniquely beautiful, deep penetrating, permanent stain. All of these stains are UV stable when sealed. Used for interior or exterior.


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