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Stain or paint concrete? The answer is stain, heritage reactive concrete stain is superior to paint in every way. When looking to upgrade a concrete floor be it a patio or office or a basement floor a stained floor with a med to high gloss sealer on top can take any floor to the next level and beyond. contact surface koatings inc. to find a distributor in your area or just google acid stain near me.

Acid stain style
dye and stain
Heritage Reactive concrete stain
heritage stain pool
Mountain Lake
kolour dye and stain
Custom concrete pool deck with stain and kolour dye

         ♦ Provides a wide range of natural colors
         ♦ Concentrated form allows color control
         ♦ UV Stability when sealed interior or exterior*

134 Davis Street Portland, TN 37148

" Perfect Antique Patina Style "


HERITAGE Reactive concrete stain is an All Natural, Organic colored acid concrete stain. No other products process can produce the superb marble and antique patina style finishes of HERITAGE. This process reacts chemically with the mineral content of the concrete surface for a uniquely beautiful, deep penetrating, permanent stain. All of these stains are UV stable when sealed. Used for interior or exterior.

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